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Eco courses


Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Course
(Two Days: Saturday 30/9 - Sunday 1/10/2000)

Day one:
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management: definition, application, procedure and process (Professor B. Clark).
Kuwait EIA regulation: current and future directions (Dr. A. Khuraibet).
Impact identification and assessment and EIA methodologies (Professor L. Canter).
Cumulative impact assessment (Professor L. Canter).
EIA and project management (Professor B. Clark).

Day Two:
The use of air and water computer models in EIA (Professor L. Canter).
EIA and policy analysis (Dr. A. Khuraibet)
EIA and the oil industry: experiences from international oil companies (Professor B. Clark).
EIA simulation exercise (All speakers and participants)

Hazardous Waste Management Course
(Two Days: Monday - Tuesday 2-3/10/2000)

Day one:
Hazardous waste: definitions, types, Basel Convention and hazardous waste management in Kuwait (Dr. A. Khuraibet).
UK hazardous waste management regulations (Professor B. Clark)
USA hazardous waste management regulations (Professor L. Canter)
Elements of hazardous waste management strategy (Dr. F. Al-Attar)
Developing and assessing waste management policy and decision making (Dr. A. Khuraibet).

Day two:
Risk and health impacts associated with hazardous waste (Dr. S. Al-Yakoob).
Air and groundwater pollution associated with hazardous waste (Professor L. Canter).
Sustainable industries (Professor Brian Clark).
Medical waste treatment and disposal alternatives (Dr. A. Khuraibet).
Industrial waste treatment and disposal technologies, considerations and impacts (Dr. H. Al-Hasawi).
Tools for successful hazardous waste management: EIA, Policy Analysis and EMS (Dr. A. Khuraibet).
Simulation exercise.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS): Implementation and Documentation Course (One Full Day: Wednesday 4/10/2000)

Themes that will be covered:

What is Environmental Management Systems (Dr. F. Al-Attar, IEMA. UK Certified Associate Environmental Auditor).
Benefits of Environmental Management Systems (Dr. F. Al-Attar).
Elements of Environmental Management Systems (Dr. F. Al-Attar).
Implementation of Environmental Management Systems (Eng. Khalid Hilmy, IRCA Certified Auditor, Bureau Veritas).
Documentation of EMS (Eng. Khalid Hilmy).
ISO 14001 auditing and certification (Eng. Khalid Hilmy).
Simulation exercise (Dr. F. Al-Attar and Eng. Khalid Hilmy)

Why Should Attend?
Environmental managers and supervisors, HSE personnel, environment specialist, personnel working in quality and environmental auditing.

The BVQI Certified Internal EMS Auditing Course
(Four Days: Monday 30/10 - Thursday 2/11/2000)

Eco Environmental Consultants jointly with Bureau Veritas are pleased to announce the registration for the first Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Auditing training course in Kuwait.

Objectives of the course:
The objective of the course is to provide knowledge to participants of the concepts of Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Auditing. It also aims to train participants on the skills required by auditors and methods to conduct a successful audit. This course will include a two day certified Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) Course. Important Note: Participants who pass the evaluation will obtain a BVQI Internal EMS Auditor Certificate.

Themes that will be covered:
Day One:

Introduction to EMS.
Introduction to Environmental Auditing.
Types of Audits.
Principals of Environmental Auditing.
Skills of environmental auditors.

Day Two:
Interpretation of EMS and Industry.
Assignments and evaluation of assignments.
Role-play and simulation exercise.
Evaluation of exercise.

Day Three and Four (Certified Internal Auditor course):
Audit techniques.
How to audit various elements of an EMS.
Report Writing workshop and practical exercises.

There is no examination for this course. However, participants will be assessed on the basis of their progress throughout the exercises and a BVQI certificate of competence will be issued to participants deemed to have achieved a satisfactory standard.

Who should attend?

Personnel who are looking future position as Environmental/EMS Auditors or Environmental Inspectors with Environmental background or Experience.

Course Fees:

The participation fee is KD 450.

Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMS) Extensive Course
(One Full Day: Wednesday 22/11/2000)

Themes that will be covered are:
What is EMF?
Sources of exposure?
Health and environmental impacts of EMF.
Environmental and legal EMF Case Studies from around the world.
How to avoid EMF and EMI and shielding.
EMF meters (selection, use and calibration).
Simulation exercise (Fieldwork and measuring EMF).

Who should attend:
All personnel working in EMF environments or might be exposed to EMF and professional who are interested to measure EMF. This extensive course will benefit personnel working in mobile communication companies. MRI in hospitals, research facilities, RADAR stations, power plants, fire brigades and control rooms in industries.

Course fees:
The participation fee is 120 KD.

Earthquakes Crisis Management for Kuwait and the GCC Countries Course.
(Two Days: 23-24/1/2001)

All the speakers are earthquake professionals. Check our web site in October 2000 for more information about this course and the speakers.

Themes that will be covered are:

Earthquakes history in Kuwait and the GCC region and chances of having major earthquake incidents.
Characteristics of seismic activities and what happen during an earthquake.
Earthquake crisis management.
Environmental and social impacts of earthquakes: case studies.
USA plan for earthquakes response.
GCC earthquake crisis management plan, what needs to be done.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Course
(Two Days: Tuesday - Wednesday 22-23 May 2001)

Themes that will be covered are:

Introduction to GIS.
GIS database and sources of data.
GIS and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
GIS and Mapping ecosystems.
GIS and crisis management.
GIS and landuse planning.
GIS application for the oil sector.
GIS software usage.

Course Fees:

The participation fee is 250 KD.

Meet the professional speakers:

Professor Brian D. Clark is an internationally known expert on environmental assessment and management with thirty two years experience in urban and regional planning and environmental management in the UK, Europe and overseas. He is Professor of Environmental Management and Planning at Aberdeen University. He has acted as an advisor and consultant on EIA and environmental issues to the Department of the Environment, the House of Lords, the Scottish Office, the Welsh Office, the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Health Organisation, the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and the World Bank. Professor Brian was honoured in 1987 by being made a founder member of the Global 500 Award from UNEP for his services towards environmental management. In 1992 he was awarded the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology Award by the International Association for Impact Assessment for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Impact Assessment. He is a Board member of the Institute of Environmental Assessment.

Professor Larry Canter is the Sun Company Chair of Ground Water Hydrology, George Lynn Cross Research Professor, and Director, Environmental and Ground Water Institute, University of Oklahoma, U.S.A. He has also conducted environmental assessments and environmental impact statements on projects such as power plants, gas pipelines, compressor stations, highways, waste water treatment plants, industrial plants and flood control dams. Professor Canter served on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board from 1983 to 1989. He has presented short courses and served as advisor on EIA to several other governmental agencies in the United States and to institutions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, the People's Republic of China, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela. He is also a member of the Consultative Expert Group on Environmental Impact Assessment of the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Ali Muhammad Khuraibet is the founder and General Manager of ECO Environmental Consultants. He is registered with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) as an expert in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment. He is academically specialised in EIA. He obtained his M.Sc., Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Fellowship from Aberdeen University, Scotland in EIA. He has extensive background on Kuwait's waste management status, marine environment, land use planning and policy analysis. He was appointed by Kuwait's EPA to chair the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee to review and modify Kuwait's EIA law. He is also a registered environmental arbitrator class "A". He conducted several EIA studies for several project in Kuwait.

Dr. Faten Al-Attar is a professional and a talented environmentalist with excellent background in industrial management, chemistry, waste management and occupational health. She is the only Kuwaiti registered in IEMA, UK as an Associate Environmental Auditor. Dr. Al-Attar obtained her M.Sc. and Ph.D. from University of Aberdeen, Scotland in EIA and waste management and sustainable development strategies, respectively. She is currently the Director of Al-Waef Fund for the conservation of the Environment, Kuwait.

Dr. Hamad Al-Hasawi worked for the Ministry of Defence conducting project assessment and evaluation of the hazardous effects of Chemical and Biological warfare agents on the environment. He had an international experience as a project manager during his work with Batelle Memorial Institute in issues related to environmental technology commercialisation. He worked in the technical office of His Excellency the Minister of Municipal Affairs as technical consultant and spent several years working with the Cleansing Department and Environmental Affairs Department at Kuwait Municipality as an environmental consultant. Dr. Al-Hasawi holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Management & Organization from the University of Stirling, UK.

Dr. Sami N. Al-Yakoob is the recipient of 1996 Kuwait Prize for scientific innovation in the field of life sciences sponsored by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). He has over 18 years experience in risk management and decision analysis. He is the author and co-author of over 25 research articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings, technical reports and books. He served in 1997 and 1999 as an advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO) on "Environmental health impact assessment (EHIA) of development projects" in Eastern Mediterranean Region. He served as member of the "Environmental Group Committee" for the Amiri Diwan and Kuwait Cabinet of Ministers to produce the five year plan of Kuwait. He has been heavily involved in delivering training courses to local authorities including Kuwait Public Authority for Environment (EPA), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), and Public Authority for Industry (PAI). He has been extensively involved in using computer based models and interactive databases/mapping systems for the assessment of risks associated with accidental chemical releases and oil and chemical spills on man and the environment.

Eng. Khalid Hilmy currently work with the internationally re-known Bureau Veritas Company, Kuwait as Quality Consultant. He is registered with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA-UK, Certificate No. A015913). He also holds certification for Quality & Environmental Professionals (Auditor Certificate No. 98245-49815). He has a wide experience in establishing systems for ISO 9001, 9002 and 14001 for pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and Kuwait.

Course One

30/9 - 1/10/2000

250 KD

Course Two

2 - 3/10/2000

250 KD

Course Three


150 KD

Course Four

30/10 - 2/11/2000

450 KD

Course Five


120 KD

Course Six

23 - 24/1/2001

450 KD

Course Seven

23 - 24/5/2001

250 KD

Note: Join the first three courses for only 600 KD.
Where all the courses to be held? All the courses will be held in the Arab Planning Institute, Shuwaikh, Kuwait